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  • AC Repairs

    • My AC unit keeps breaking down. Should I repair or replace it?

      If the unit is more than 15 years old and needs expensive repair work, it's probably worthwhile to go ahead and replace it with a new system.

    • A tree limb fell on my exterior AC unit, but it seems to be working properly. Should I be worried?

      For peace of mind, it's a good idea to have your AC unit inspected after any possible damage.

    • Does your team charge extra for weekend service calls?

      Due to logistics and overtime pay, it's necessary for our crew to collect an upfront surcharge before responding to any after-hours repair requests.

  • AC Maintenance

    • Is it necessary to buy name-brand AC filters, or are cheaper filters just as good?

      The most important thing to remember about air conditioner filters is that you replace them regularly during air conditioning maintenance and not which brand of filter you use.

    • How often should I have my commercial air conditioner inspected?

      Commercial AC units should generally be inspected and serviced at least once a year or whenever you suspect a problem with the system.

    • Is periodic AC maintenance really worth the money?

      Routine inspection and tune-ups can end up saving money in the long run by heading off more costly air conditioning repair or replacement services.

  • AC Installation

    • I want my property as cool as possible. Should I invest in an oversized AC unit?
      With air conditioning systems, bigger isn't always better. Every unit should be properly sized based on the property dimensions and expected heat load for maximum cooling and moisture control.
    • What's the average expected service life for an air conditioning system?
      Most systems generally last between 10 and 15 years without the need for major air conditioning repair.
    • Will closing off little-used rooms in my house make my AC more efficient?
      In most cases, it's best to leave interior doors open to promote proper air circulation and prevent overtaxing the system. It also pays to have regular air conditioning maintenance.
  • Plumbing

    • How can I help my plumbing fixtures last longer?
      One step you can take is to improve the quality of your water. This is a goal we can help you achieve with a water softener or filtration system, especially helpful if you have hard water.
    • What's considered a "plumbing emergency"?
      Leaking or burst pipes, overflowing or backed-up drains, and broken fixtures or issues with water heaters or other water-based appliances are examples of urgent plumbing-related issues we're available 24/7 to resolve.
    • When does it make sense to opt for replacement over repair?
      Every situation is unique. However, replacement is generally recommended if you're having a frequent need for plumbing repairs or dealing with older or worn parts.